Travel: Family Trip to Disney

Hey guys!! I have soo many travel recaps still in my saved drafts. I’m going to post them all. I’m excited to share my travel diary from our trip to Disney World earlier this year. It was my daughters’ first time at Disney. It was also their first plane ride. We stayed at the Marriott’s Grande Vista Resort in Orlando, Florida. The amenities accessible in the resort were almost enough to take up the entire trip. We all agreed that 5 days was not enough. The kids said it was their favorite trip we have done and honestly, I agree. With that, here is recap of our visit to Disney World.

This trip was not only my girls first time at Disney, but it was also Peyton’s 7th birthday. So, we invited some family and friends to join us. It was also our cousin’s first time flying as well.

Peyton and Amiah spent the first day relaxing around the Marriott’s Grande Vista Resort. Ending the night with a swim in the heated Club Village Outdoor Pool.

Peyton's birthday fun started with a visit to SeaWorld! From face painting to swimming with the dolphins, the girls enjoyed this park.

Peyton's birthday sleepover was a huge success!

She loved her birthday gifts!!!

The next morning, the girls enjoyed breakfast off the patio before taking a swim in the Marriott’s Grande Vista Resort Pool.

A quick photoshoot before heading to Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Day two was definitely an adventure that lasted the entire day. Peyton and Amiah takes Animal Kingdom!

Peyton was excited to use her Disney gift card!

The next day was Peyton's 7th birthday! What other way is there to celebrate then going to Disney's Magic Kingdom.

The journey to Magic Kingdom was an adventure alone. It was Amiah's first time riding a ferry boat.

Peyton's Magical Birthday Celebration at Magic Kingdom was a celebration to remember. The girls had the whole royal experience.

Ending her night with shopping and dinner, Peyton was all smiles after her adventures at the Magic Kingdom!

And just like that, these girl bosses had a successful trip!