REAL TALK: Taking Back Your Power

“Taking back your power happens when you realize just how powerful you are.” - Tianna Michelle

Learning from a book of life lessons, I know first hand what’s it’s like to lose your power. Some may say, this happens when everything is taken from them. But in reality, you lose your power when you lose sight of your potential or give up on yourself.

Making the self care vow isn’t as simple as a caption under a picture. On this journey of self love and holistic healing, maintaining my power is essential. I could have given the doctors my power after being told “You will never do that again”. My mind could have chose to believe that but instead I took my power back by believing I was meant for more!

I reclaimed my power by starting to see myself as the beautiful, strong, bold, and courageous woman I was created to be. And by realizing that my life is mine to live. I can live this life how I want and my power is mine to keep. ❤️

Take back your power from wherever it is that you have left it, and promise yourself to never give it away to anyone or anything ever again.