REAL TALK: Re-Booting Is Not Starting Over

I have always been an emotionally connected person. Meaning, I have always been able to connect with a person's emotional state before actually having an exchange of communication. It has been difficult managing my emotions, not knowing I was also taking on others emotions as well as mine. It wasn’t until this past year that I've embraced all of these emotions, instead of running from them. Learning to not fight these overwhelming spurts, has awoken a new women in me. I am learning new things about myself and becoming more aware of my actions.

This spiritual awaking has not been an easy journey. Often times we avoid certain things because we don't want to feel certain emotions. This was the path I was on. Focusing on things that kept me busy, too busy to heal myself. Ladies Listen! It is important to heal yourself. So, often we look for others to fix us, help us, save us, and complete us, when we should be doing all this first for ourselves! How are we of any significance to the world if we are not at a 100% of our best self? The moment I realized why everything got so good, then capped its peak, I grasped that I wasn’t at my 100%. I gave and gave, and instead of healing what was lost, I kept going. But you know what happens when you can’t go anymore? You don’t!

I had to press the reboot button and take back my 100%. Starting with ripping off any band aids, forgiving, letting go, actually listening to others to understand their POV, and practicing emotional regulation. This journey isn’t easy, I have good and bad days but I won’t give up on myself! Every hurdle I overcome I feel closer to being 100% of the women I want to be. A person fully fulfilled with herself, mentally, physically & emotionally. Here are 3 Things I Did to Re-Boot Myself:

1. Spiritual Cleanse

This past December, I did my first spiritual cleanse. Cleansing my mind and soul of any toxicities, and vowing to intake healthy substances and positive energy moving forward. Since this cleanse, I have become more aware of my body and what it needs. As well as, learning new ways to manage my emotions.

If you meditate, believe in holistic healing, or spiritual healing, I'd be happy to share my experience with you. Click here to talk Real Talk

2. Took Time Off

This decision was made as a necessity! My health is becoming more of a priority to me as I get older, especially having so many health issues. After being told I would need surgery, taking time off to do the 3R's (relax, re-focus and re-adjust), was necessary. I had time to breathe and clear my mind. Clearing my mind gave me new insight on how to become my best self. I was able to revision a new way to accomplish my goals while maintaining 100% of my better self.

During this time, be sure you have a support person or team to help you manage any typically stressful but required daily tasks.

3. Have Faith

Having faith can be hard. Especially if you’re like me, and feel the need to have a control on everything. But believing that the path you’re on is what's meant for you, believing what's meant for you will be for you, believing that you being at a 100% of your be self, will vastly help you accomplish your goals, is all having faith. The more faith you have, the more clear your goals will be and the more power you'll have at achieving those goals.

Having faith can relive stress and help you keep focus. Typically, stress causes panic and panic causes us to make irrational decisions.

Re-booting your life is not starting over. You don’t lose anything! Just like your computer, when it accidently cuts off, the re-boot system helps you recover files, tasks, windows and documents. When things aren’t going as planned, it’s ok to make life changes or create new paths to accomplish your goals.