Let’s Talk Real Talk: The Homeschooling Entrepreneur 🤦‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️💪🏽

The current pandemic has put us all in state of uncertainty at one point or another. Whether you’re facing uncertainty with the decision to send your child to school or to homeschool, or if you’re uncertain about how to manage your kids school schedule and run a business, let me be the one to tell you first that you should make the best decision that’s going to benefit you and your family!

Before the pandemic, I had plans to launch a new business venture, which included me making the decision to send my oldest daughter to school for kindergarten. Being a stay at home mom seemed no longer the case as I was beginning to have more in-person meetings, traveling more and hosting events. My schedule could no longer accommodate the “stay at home mom” title. But when life gives you lemons their typically being thrown at you right? As my businesses we’re growing at such a fast pace, the world was then hit with the Covid Pandemic. I went through a time where I was uncertain about everything.

Still trying to focus on my businesses, I was able to manage keeping my head above water. But then summer was coming to an end and I was faced with the decision to send my child to school during the Covid Pandemic or Homeschool her in a safe environment. I had to really sit down and evaluate my current situation. I was just getting things back in order with all my businesses. Learning the new benefits of virtual events and getting things accomplished while social distancing. How was I going to add homeschool into this? I had so much going on already.

Well after talking with my fiancé and family we were able to conclude that it would be beneficial and safe for the family, if I continued running my businesses from home and homeschool my daughter.

Let’s Talk Real Talk: It isn’t easy!!! So often I’m running and moving in ten different directions, it’s hard for me to find a second for myself, but here are 5 Ways I Manage Being a Homeschooling Entrepreneur:

1. Secure Your Goals Team

What are goals for your business? What are your goals for your child’s school year? Who in your life can help you attain those goals? Who can give you a break when you need it? These are the questions that must be addressed before taking on this new role. Having the support behind you will make the transition easier, as well as give you the confidence and security you need to successfully manage this role.

2. Create a Realistic Schedule

Managing a business takes time and dedication. Homeschooling takes time and dedication. You also have to remember there’s only 24 hours in one day. Creating a realistic schedule that has wiggle room and a few free days will help you manage your time while staying dedicated to both your business and your child.

Let’s Talk Real Talk: I need me time!! This is how I’m able to stay on schedule and not go crazy. I have times scheduled just for myself. Whether it be for me to pamper myself, write to clear my head, spend time with friends, go on a date with my fiancé or to just relax with the kids, I schedule this time as something to look forward to and I take full advantage of it!

3. Be Productive, Patient & Proud

As an entrepreneur it’s important to practice the 3P’s daily! Keep busy during work hours. Stay productive. Check those emails, follow up with those potential clients and stay active on social media, even if business is slow. Be patient! Building a successful business takes time. Things don’t just “zap” through a pipe line they flow through it. Lastly, be proud of your hard work. You’re making it happen. It’s ok to treat yourself too!

4. Give Them ALL of Their Time

It’s important that your child has all of your attention during homeschool. Giving them this time where you’re dedicated to their success will give them the assurance and confidence they need to succeed this year. This will also make the transition into your personal time easier. We May think kids don’t understand but trust me they do. Be open explain to your child that now that you’ve given them so many hours per day that you have to take time to accomplish your task.

Let’s Talk Real Talk: I am very open with my daughter, expressing my feelings to her in ways she can understand. I have found this helpful when trying to take full advantage of my work hours. I tell her “Ok Peyton mommy has worked with you for 5 hours, now it’s moms time to finish her work to be successful like you” and guys it works. She actually lets me get things done. (Every child is different and this may not work for all, but give it a try!)

5. Just Keep Swimming

Although referenced in a children’s movie, the popular line will now be your motto as a homeschooling entrepreneur. Running a business takes time and dedication. Homeschooling takes time and dedication. Neither of which is easy and you will need to consistently keep at both! Remember successful businesses aren’t built over night and their are people who dedicate their life to teach children. This new role will not be perfected in one day. You have to just keep swimming 😊

Have questions? Want to know more on how I manage running 3 businesses and homeschool, ask me now by clicking the link. I’d be happy to answer all your question! https://www.tiannamichelle.com/realtalk