The beginning of the year started like others before, with my goals set and my mind refreshed. But like other years this is my year to take my self-healing journey to the next level. Let me explain why... Consistency is everything! Consistency helps you deal with your weaknesses. It makes you dedicated to your work and increases your potential. Consistency helps you maintain a routine. It also removes laziness and builds your self-confidence. When you are consistent, you're not distracted and your working capacity per day can increase. Consistency creates lifelong habits that will keep you happy and manage your mindset.

But let's be real, consistency is a hard act to follow CONSISTENTLY. Especially, if you're a person like me, who wears many hats. Managing so many people, tasks and responsibilities can be challenging. So, this year the goal I set for myself was consistency. I'm 6 months into the year and I already see the benefits. In this part of my journey, I've realized the possibility of me reaching my full potential and I'm ready to take everything that comes with unlocking that potential. Life holds no doors, you can only open or close them, but you have to be the one to do it. Having this mindset has made accomplishing my goal easier. I also found a few tricks that have helped me stay consistent.


  1. Scheduling Is Everything - I've never used a calendar as much as I do now, but it keeps me organized and holds me accountable when completing tasks.

  2. Using Your Dream Team - Having a dependable support system has helped me tremendously, as I continue to practice consistency. Even if your dream team includes 1 to 2 people, having anyone is a blessing, use them.

  3. Self-Care Comes 1st - Making sure my own needs are met is important as I strive towards consistency. My favorite saying is "I can't take care of anything if I'm not here", turning your attention toward yourself can feel challenging at first, but the benefits provide so much quality to your daily life.

  4. Affirmations & Meditation - Meditation nourishes almost all of the self-care domains, which could also add to your quality of life. I try to meditate 3 to 4 times a week to just relax my mind. Affirmations have also been a beneficial tool used. Affirmations have been proven to decrease health-deteriorating stress. I listen to them every morning to start my day off positively.

  5. Change the Channel - A lot of the time our hardships or struggles are watered by the negativity we choose to surround us. To elevate in a positive light, I chose to mentally remove negative people and things from my life. I cleaned up my environment, my relationships, and my mind. I let go of situations and relationships that didn't positively enhance my life to make room for nothing but good. I also stopped watching reality tv. Just the idea of idolizing something I knew really didn't benefit me.

Join the conversation. What are your thoughts on consistency? How do you stay consistent?

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