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Let’s Be Real: Self-Love & How to Do It Right

You are absolutely the most important person in your entire universe. Your relationship with yourself is the most defining factor in shaping the kind of life you live. This is why the saying “love yourself before you can love anyone else”, sounds wise. But the humbling truth is that sometimes we can’t effectively love others because of the lack of love we have for ourselves. Loving someone other than ourselves gives us the permission to love in a deeper way. But, why do we need that permission? Why can’t we love ourselves just as deep?

So how do you begin the process of self-love? What if we haven’t had the luxury of being loved or loving someone? How do you love yourself when you never experienced love itself? When starting your self-love journey, you first need to make the choice to know yourself! You wouldn’t present a research paper to a well-informed group without first doing the research.

Step 1: Make the Choice Self-Love is not something a stranger could bring into your life. It is not something to wait to suddenly appear. Loving yourself is a path you decided to take. Make the choice to know yourself on a deeper level. Let all your insecurities go, this path is unpredictable and full of trials. Yet, it is the only way to become your true self and open your mind to the world as it is. Make the choice to try new things that test your limits.

Step 2: Know Yourself Like Drake said “You Know How That Shit Go”. We all go through challenges in life. These challenges, once passed then become life experiences. The life experiences we face make us who we are and helps us eventually recognize our habits, reactions, emotions, strengths, weaknesses, and fears. Explore yourself fully, the good and the bad. Dig deep to discover parts of yourself that you have hid from the outside world. Don’t feel bad if you’ve realized you haven’t been the best person during this process. Our life is made up of actions which all have reason. Spot them, understand them and moving forward, live your life knowing yourself!

Step 3: Confidence is Key You need to work on yourself if you are lacking inner confidence. This takes time, but the rewards are worth it. Every time you think negatively about yourself, counter that thought with a positive one, or when you feel a negative thought coming on – list three things that you are appreciative for. Change your body language. Try to smile more often, it will make you feel better! Hold your head high when you walk! When you talk hold eye contact. Believe in yourself. The more confident you are, the more comfortable you will be when showing other people the real you!

Step 4: Show Your True Colors Now that you have built those confidence levels up, express yourself, EVERYDAY! Whether it is how you dress, a hobby you enjoy, the music you like to listen to, films you want to watch, do it! Own it! Enjoy it!

Step 5: Be Loved Ditch the people who don’t make you feel good about yourself. If you spend time with someone and you come away feeling down about yourself, they are no friend. It’s time to evaluate who you give your precious time to. You only have one life, and you want it filled with people who truly love and care for you!

Step 6: Love To make healthy connections with individuals as well as the world in common you have to build a strong, honest relationship with yourself. Listen to your inner voice; let your feelings lead you; discover new shadows of your personality. Trust yourself. Spend some quality time alone with yourself. Find your way to keep your relations with yourself true and clear. This will help you learn how to love others. If you can love yourself you can also love others.

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