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TREND REPORT: Top 5 Styles This Season

With the winter season underway, fashion influencers have given us a vast sum of fashion styles to adore, as we end 2019. To say the least, if you like color, great. If you hate color, fabulous! If you love patterns and prints perfect. If you’re more of an alternative millennialist, this season’s trends were perfect for you as well. Wrapping up the year, I have put together my Top 5 Styles from this season!

#1 Fur Coats

Parkas and puffers are great for winter and have really taken over this season but nothing beats a plush faux fur coat.

With style enthusiast rocking furry coats in vibrant colors like pink and cobalt, it’s safe to say fur coats have been the top choice for outerwear this season.

#2 Two-Tone Pieces Can't decide on a color? Well this season catered to all of our indecisive color problems.

The two-tone look makes sticking with one color boring.

#3 Leather Instead of playing it safe with a leather jacket this season, fashion influencers made rocking leather a big deal. Some keeping it simple with a 2 piece leather set or really making a statement rocking the trend from head to toe!

#4 Headbands What was once an iconic accessory, headbands have made a comeback with the fashion crowd this season.

Looking to really jazz up this retro trend? Try out embellished headbands for a more chic look.

#5 Embellished Sweaters Speaking of embellishments, this last trend fit in perfectly with the holiday season.

This season those big cozy sweaters got a fun 80's make over with some festive embellishments, like a sprinkling of metal studs or a smattering of tonal sequins.