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Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to read all the questions you guys have asked. I started this column to answer any question you have about fashion, beauty, motherhood, relationships, travel, entrepreneurship, anything. I’m going to try to answer them in as much detail as I can. If there are any questions I missed, please click the link at the bottom of the post.

Hey mama! Two questions: Both of your girls have such beautiful names! What was the inspiration behind the names? & How has adjusting to being a mother of 2 little girls been?

When I first found out I was pregnant I was not expecting it at all. It really didn't hit until my 2nd month. I wanted to pick a name that was cute, and strangely I knew how she was going to look so I wanted a name that fit. I always loved the movie "The Game Plan" with The Rock. His daughter in the movie was named Payton and I just knew my baby would look like her so that was it! Amiah's name was picked by me and her dad. I wanted to give her a "P" name but the names Penelope or Piper were not winners in his book lol. So we mutually agreed on a name that began with an A like his name and ended with the "ah" sound like my name. I know were extra lol.

It has been such a big adjustment having two girls. If I thought I was busy before, I didn't know the half. I'm currently still in school, running 3 business, and writing a book. Amiah's 9 months and I'm finally on a schedule and I see light at the end of the tunnel. Because I have so much on my plate, I always make sure I have time for myself.

Hii! When are we getting more content on YouTube?

Hey honey! Very Soon!! I'm coming up with a list of content ideas and things I can do. If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see, message me. Make sure your subscribed too! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNuRm_wx1cj0d_D_StZBSSA?view_as=subscriber

Have you thought about opening a physical store?

Yes, I have. Right now with the e-commerce market being so big and predicted to be even bigger over the next few years, I honestly don't see myself having a store front at this time. I have Pop-Up shops, fashion shows, or vendor events to sale my products as well. Make sure you're a member to receive notifications on any upcoming events. www.Sheinspiredclothing.com

What are 3 positive traits you look for in a potential mate/partner and why?

Three traits I look for in a partner are Compassion, Honesty and Openness. Compassion is very important to me because I need my partner to be able to put their self in my shoes. Honesty is very important in a partnership because honesty builds trust and displays integrity. Openness is important because I desire a partner that is undefended and willing to be vulnerable when necessary. No one is perfect and this I am aware of, but having a partner who is receptive to feedback is key!

Are you single now? You haven't talked about your baby dad.

Yes, I'm single. I haven't spoke on my past relationship ending, not because it ended badly. Me and Arnold are still close friends and we're adjusting to co-parenting. He will always be someone special in my life, we just realized we were better as friends. He's a good dad to both my girls and a really good friend to me.

For business owners and influencers in the early stages of start-up, what would your first piece of advice be?

Starting a business or a brand can be a very exciting and stressful. It’s important to identify a clear vision of your business or brand. Identifying this will create a foundation for you to build on. The framework you set in the beginning will support your growth in the early stages and help others to serve your vision in the future.

What is your diet like now? Are you still off beef and pork?

Yes!!! I stopped eating beef and pork almost 4 years ago and it was the best decision I could have made for myself. 4 years ago I decided to partake in a journey that would better me mentally, physically and spiritually, So there are many goals I have set for my diet. Recently, I have stopped eating Lobster and Catfish. Eventually, I want to become a vegan. Wish me luck!

Why do you keep your 1st daughter away from her dad?

Legally, he isn't supposed to be around her. When she was 2, I allowed them to meet, but their union was short lived due to his actions. I hate that she is unable to have a relationship with him but it's honestly for the best.

You need more plus size options on your site. When will you have more to offer for plus size women?

It's coming really soon honey! I'm working very hard to release a new plus size collection that offers sexy, chic yet comfortable styles that are sure to please!

I'm waiting to see this new guy your going on dates with! When will we see him?

Oh my! Now a days I like to keep my dating life private. The next guy I introduce to the world will be my Fiancé.

Why did you get your tubes tied and was it a tough decision?

The decision to get my tubes tied was mainly because of my health. I have many health issues that have made both of my pregnancies high risk and life threatening. For the sake of my health I had to make this choice.

What's on your playlist?

I listen to just about everything! My favorite song playing on repeat is Summer Walker - Playing Games. I absolutely love her music.

How many vendors are on your vendor list? How much is it?

I have a little over 50 vendors on my vendors list and it's sold right on my blog with other products including marketing tips and a 30 day start up guide. I'm constantly adding new vendors. I am working on a new vendors list for Cosmetics and Private Label Manufactures. For more info or to stay updated click the link! CLICK HERE

When will you do features on your blog again?

I am starting "Women Inspired" again this fall! I'm so excited because this was one of my most popular columns and I love supporting women entrepreneurs!

You seem to have it all together. How are you managing it all?

Honestly, I ask myself this question twice a week. I have an amazing support system and I'm determined to accomplish my goals and this is what keeps me going. There are days where I'm completely down then there are days where I get a million things done. I just take it day by day and I'm learning to relax a little more.

You're so beautiful. How do stay fine?

Oh honey, if you only knew how I look 5 out of 7 days of the week lol. Being a stay at home mom I don't have the time to get fine fine everyday but when I do, I go all out lol. Thank you!

Where do you shop? You always look so cute.

Thank you babes! I mainly where clothes from my online boutique She Inspired Clothing, but I also shop at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Victoria Secrets, ASOS, Express, Ann Taylor and H&M.

Who is your favorite Designer?

Chanel!!! I'm so excited because I've always loved Chanel and this year I was blessed enough to get my first Chanel Bag!!

When will you do events? You have such a powerful story.

Soon! I'm actually working and collaborating with some great people to make this happen.

What are some of your weaknesses or bad habits?

A weakness of mine is the need to plan everything out. As you know life comes with curve balls and I've been hit with quite a few, so it gets overwhelming sometimes trying to stick to every little detail of my plan. A bad habit of mine is biting my nails. I'm happy to say I haven't in two months, wish me luck lol.

What keeps you so motivated to run your business and improve your brand? I find it hard to keep at things for long periods of time. Especially when I don’t see results.

My daughters and the past keep me motivated. Yes the past! I look at how much time I've wasted and honestly it makes me go harder. My daughters put me in a mindset where I can't give up. I whole-heartedly believe in my goals and dreams and I would be a hypocrite to tell them to never give up and go after their dreams if I'm not doing it myself.

How did you bounce back & heal from past love to be open to a new love?

It was definitely tough. After a heartbreak you question everything about yourself. Questions like was I good enough, am I the crazy one, will I ever find someone who makes me feel that way again? After a month of crying it out, I really began to invest in myself so that I could not only become complete as an individual, but become better for the next person that I would end up being with. I really focused on self care and self reflection and stayed focused on my SHIZZ!!!

Have you ever been heartbroken? If so, how did you get through it? I am having a hard time moving forward… do you have any advice?

Oh yes, 100%. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t enjoy myself, I was stuck. I really took it day by day and understood that I was still in the best time of my life, and I didn't want to waste it. So I forced myself to push through it daily. I took the time to look at the break-up as an opportunity to really improve who I was as a woman mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Not a question but your such a great mommy!

Thank you #MommySlay

What made you get into Graphic Design and Writing?

I've been certified in graphic design since 2012, and I've always done stuff for people for free but last year I made the decision to get paid for my excellent work. I've always loved writing. I wrote short stories and novels as a kid and for the past two years venturing into journalism has been the most exciting experience ever for me! I absolutely love it. I look forward to releasing my first fiction novel and cook book next year!

Thank you guys for all of the #RealTalk questions! I have a bunch more to answer. As always, send any questions to me for the next post by clicking the link below.

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