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Over the weekend, I posted asking if you guys had any questions to let me know because I would be answering them in this post! I'm starting this column to answer any question you have, fashion, beauty, motherhood, relationships, travel, entrepreneurship, anything. I’m going to try to answer them in as much detail as I can. If there are any questions I missed, please click the link at the bottom of the post.

What are your tips on staying glamorous during pregnancy?

The first few weeks of pregnancy for me was pure hell. I mean hair tied up, no make up, just t-shirts and shorts. Between the extreme fatigue and nausea, I had no energy to Glam or Slay lol. But, eventually things got easier. Easing into my second trimester, I had more energy to get glammed up.

With my first pregnancy getting dressed was fun, seeing that I was pregnant during the end of the summer through the winter. Those thick comfy leggings with the high waist band were a god send! I had them in ever color lol. Over-sized sweaters and cute cardigans had to be an go to for me as well. I was also able to pair those comfy leggings up with my tall Hunter boots, Uggs, or over the knee boots.

With this current pregnancy, I feel as if heat wave is an understatement. I am constantly hot, sweating and honestly if being naked 24/7 was an option, Id take that on lol. But, of coarse Tianna has to slay! So this summer I found myself rocking a lot of long flowy dresses. Giving me the comfort I needed with no restrictions. As the season is gearing up to change into Fall, you'll still see me in those long flowy dresses or fitted body-con dresses paired up with a long cardigan sweater, giving me the options I need for the body temperature changes I'm sure to experience.

You post on Snapchat the facial care products you use. Please share your full skincare routine.

I get asked this a lot. My facial routine is very simple and inexpensive. Check out the post I made giving full detail on how I keep my skin popping lol.

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When do you feel you'll get to a point where you need to hire someone to help with your businesses?

I just launched my business in 2017, and I feel like I am getting really close to that point. With me having multiple businesses, finishing my degree, raising kids, and still trying to maintain somewhat of a social life, it does get hard at times managing everything. I sure with a second child, I'll be hiring help sooner than later.

How do you manage having a toddler, school and your businesses?

I'm no super hero, but I'm damn good lol. When I got pregnant, despite the negative things I was told, I was determined to accomplish my goals. If I can give any advise on managing motherhood, education, and work, it would be to have determination. There will be times your exhausted and want to give up but if your determined you'll take a second, breath and keep going! There is a line from "Finding Nemo" that I quote to all my fellow moms when I see or hear about them having a difficult time, "Just keep swimming". Prioritize your time, stay determined and Just Keep Swimming!

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Do you ever feel over whelmed being a stay at home mom?

HELL YES! I'm not perfect. There are times when I'm behind on my work while I have a screaming 3 year old who just wants more attention from me. It's not easy, this thing they call "Stay at Home Mom". The gig is definitely under-rated!!! But with family, patience and determination, I think I do pretty well.

How did you start your business (She Inspired Clothing)?

I had the idea for my business for years. I've always wanted to launch my own online clothing store. Becoming a mom was just the motivation I needed to get things started. First, I created a business plan, outlining what it was I wanted to do, who my market was and how much I needed to get started. Then I made the investment. Purchasing the proper documents and licenses, customer services products, and inventory. After that I was ready to start marketing a launch date.

I get this question a lot, and their is so much detail that goes into starting a successful online store. If you would like to know more send me an email. Tiannarobinsonm@gmail.com

I'm just getting out of a emotionally draining relationship, what are some quick ways I can bounce back?

First clear your mind! Let go of your past and only think about what it is you want out of your future. Once you do that, write those wants down, call it your goals list. Then get to it! The best way to bounce back is to take care of you!!!

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