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Everyone makes New Year's Resolutions, but many people don't usually stick to those resolutions by the end of the year. Well one of my NY Resolutions was to STICK TO IT! My goal was to change how I treat my body. Meaning having a better diet and treating my skin with care.

Since posting a few products that I use to cleanse my face, I have received many questions and request to post my full skin care routine.

I have grown really interested in skin care over the past year and I have seen a huge improvement in my skin. This morning routine works best for my combination skin. My routine is simple and very easy.

Let's Be Real: I am human, some nights I forget to wash that night club/fashion event make up off, and when that happens, I start my morning off with removing my make up with a baby wipe.

I use Huggies Natural Wipes, because I love the job it does. It removes the make-up with ease as well as makes my face feel fresh afterwards. The Natural wipes also don't break out my sensitive skin as well.

Next, I use Shea Moisture Facial Mask.

This product is perfect for Dull skin, giving it a fresh mineralized look. I love Shea Moisture products because of the natural ingredients. This specific mask, I leave on my face for 5 minutes then I rinse it off, softly rubbing it off with my fingers in a circular motion.

After cleansing my face, I then moisturize my dry spots with Coco Butter Oil. Some people use lotion or cream, but I choose oil because of the severity of my dryness. Having combination skin, certain areas of my face is extremely oily and certain parts EXTREMELY dry. On those dry areas, I dab a pinch of Coco Butter Formula, Skin Therapy oil.

*My dry areas are around my nose, the bridge of my nose between my brows and my chin.*

*Not only does it moisturize the skin, it also repairs marks, skin tone and more.*

This product, I have found to not only work great on my face but my body as well. As you can see I'm almost out lol!

Lastly, I treat my lips!

I love using Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly to moisturize my lips, especially before putting on lips gloss or lip stick. When you have natural big lips like me, you have to keep them moisturized.

Let me know if you have any questions or need other recommendations.

Happy cleansing, xoxo

Tianna Michelle

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