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These past couple of years has been all about advancement. From finishing college, launching my business, building a brand that could be a second salary, having financial stability and successfully managing motherhood and relationships. In life we're faced with many challenges, it’s been incredibly important to me to make sure I don’t lose what I’ve worked so hard to earn. I’ve made progress in areas of my life I've talked about improving for years and now that I'm climbing this success ladder, I don't want to look down.

For many years, I told myself when it was my time, things would just happen. I said this without really implementing the hard work needed to ensure success. I sat on my goals and talents, in fear of failure. "Those bloggers have better pictures, those girls are prettier, they have more money to invest in their business, I don't have enough followers," are just a few of the excuses I made. No matter how much I heard, I had talent and to just go for it, I let fear stop me. It wasn't until one day I looked at my daughter and realized, she was a product of me. I would never want her to hold herself back because of fear. So I said F**K it!

I created a goals list, writing down everything I wanted to accomplish within a year. Within that year I got my money right, increased my credit score, launched my business with a little under $1200, registered for classes, changed my diet, traveled, attended fashion shows, launched my blog, started freelance writing and involved my daughter in it all. I accomplished so much within one year, it made me realize just how far I could have been if I would have started years back.

My Message to You

You don’t need validation from anyone other than yourself to accomplish your goals. Don't let fear hold you back! Time is one of the most precious things you can't get back, make the most of your life by living your best life. This Monday, write down those goals and go for it! - xoxo

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