• Tianna Michelle


With women entrepreneurs on the rise, inquiring minds want to know how is it that women can do it all. Millions of women are starting and running multiple businesses, all while building families, becoming influencers, furthering their education or even working a profession. What can these women entrepreneurs teach us about how they manage without giving up? How can their "Made It Over the Hump" stories inspire other women entrepreneurs? This column features women entrepreneurs tackling the challenges of growing a business while maintaining a healthy and stable lifestyle.

Kiarra Hankins, owner of cosmetics line Kicosmetics, is defying all odds as she embarks on her journey of entrepreneurship. Detroit native, Kiarra launched her business in 2018, after years of preparation. Kiarra, a motivated 22-year-old, created Kicosmetis for beauty lovers who have an obsession with lip gloss and other various cosmetic products.

With handmade beauty products made for women of all ages and skin colors, Kicosmetics brings confidence and beauty to every woman’s life. Young mother and now entrepreneur, Kiarra has taken her love for makeup and ambition, and turned it into a unique cosmetics line for everyone to enjoy. Staying true to herself and the vision of her company, Kiarra inspires other young queens just like herself to follow their dreams.

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