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Bold and bright colors took over the runway this S/S Fashion Week. In addition to radiant yellows, this season you'll see blazing oranges, daring lime greens and bright cherry reds. But, the most popular color that graced the runway was the ever recycled trending color pink. This time, ranging from soft but bold pinks to then intense neon pinks, that really catch attention.

From bright crayola to soft pastels, designers have copied the color chart and exaggerated all the primary colors. From bright tomato reds to emerald greens, this season your sure to get a taste of the rainbow.

Ultra Violet

Emerald Green

Radiant Yellow

Soft, Bubblegum & Neon Pink

Indie Royal Gold

Army Greens & Mint Yellows

Cherry Red

Me being a fan of bright, fun colors, the shades of cherry red have been top favorite for me this season.

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