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WALK Fashion Show 2018

On May 19th, WALK presented their annual “WALK FASHION SHOW DETROIT EDITION" showcasing emerging designers who are defining art and style in Detroit's evolving fashion industry! The luxurious event was packed with creative thinkers and fashion enthusiast, who all gathered for an evening of fashion, flare, and fun. The elaborate event housed emerging and independent designers like Yube Handmade, Raine Gear, Top Shelf Or Die, Ys Clothier, Candy Yams and many more.



Designer: ST. Ondres Photo: @MMA_FRESCO

Designer: ST. Ondres Photo: @TIESTADADDIE

Designer: Candy Yams Photo: @MMA_FRESCO

Designer: Candy Yams Photo: @MMA_FRESCO

Designer: Urban Furs Photo: @MMA_FRESCO

Designer: Urban Furs Photo: @MMA_FRESCO

Designer: Grundge Goodness & Tropic Waves Photo: @MMA_FRESCO

Designer: So Fluffy Creations Photo: @MMA_FRESCO

Designer: So Fluffy Creations Photo: @MMA_FRESCO

Designer: Top Shelf or Die Photo: @MMA_FRESCO

Designer: Top Shelf or Die Photo: @MMA_FRESCO

Designer: Top Shelf or Die Photo: @TIESTADADDIE

Designer: YS Clothier Photo: @MMA_FRESCO

The producers of WALK are dedicated to building the brand awareness of new businesses, independent designers, and inspiring models.

Compelling the audience with his debut, was inspiring model Dallas Jalil. Four-year-old Dallas, took on WALK runway in style, wearing Tied by Jaiden.

WALK is known for hosting extravagant events, bringing together emerging fashion enthusiast with known fashion leaders and creative thinkers. The event included local vendors, art installations and displays, and three exquisite fashion shows held at the stunning, Michigan Science Center in Detroit. I was lucky enough to cover this great event and get exclusive interviews with some of the amazing team who helped to make this event possible.

Lead Stylist of WALK Fashion Show Detroit @StyledbyMilan

Humble wardrobe Stylist, Milan, was raised in a small town in a single parent home. Without the resources to purchase a lot of stylish clothing, she was often teased in school about her appearance. Milan uses her upbringing as motivation to help everyone be able to look amazing no matter the extent of their resources. Her talents include, utilizing classic pieces to incorporate into a capsule wardrobe that will always look fabulous.

What was your first break into this industry?

When I moved to Atlanta, GA in 2009 I began working with Teresa Caldwell (Bow Wow’s mom) styling men and women such as Ciara. Working my way into Kontrol Magazine assisting Julian Lark for cover shoots, celebrity styling for Rayven Symoné, Tony Braxton and the Braxton sisters, Genuine and being on-set for the Monique show and other multimedia platforms.

How did you get involved with WALK?

I followed the Walk organization for a few years, I had a desire to get involved. After meeting a former wardrobe stylist for Walk he encouraged me to reach out to the producer. Once presented my styling experience and background with the producer I was offered the lead wardrobe stylist position.

What was one of the biggest things you learned during the production of WALK Fashion Show Detroit Edition?

I learned how to work under pressure while keeping a smile on my face as well as being approachable.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

I can truly transform lives through wardrobe styling. Whether an individual is in need of self confidence or aspiring to elevate their image or brand.

What are three attributes you feel a Stylist should have?

Professional, Organized and Approachable.

Website: www.styledbymilan.com

Facebook: styledbymilan

Instagram: styledbymilan

Twitter: styledbymilan

Youtube: styledbymilan

Email: milan@styledbymilan.com

Hashtags: #styledbymilan

Head of Media for WALK Fashion Show @Iamnkc

24-year-old Belgium native, Naomi is Head of Media for WALK Fashion Show. Motivated solely by her dreams, Naomi is proving that you can achieve anything when you put in that hard work and determination.

What was your first break into this industry?

My first break into the industry was interning with Borgata Hotel & Casino. I already knew that I wanted to do something fashion PR related after college, but they allowed me to help manage a fashion presentation. That really solidified my path.

How did you get involved with WALK?

In 2015, I actually attended a show as media, I ended up getting back stage for better photos. While backstage, I noticed a lot of missed opportunities for media coverage. 2 weeks after the event, I emailed WALK to let them know my ideas and they granted me with a test run to handle media during Sept Fashionweek. After that it was history, I clicked with the team and fell right in place to current roles. It was a leap of faith, but just goes to show confidence can take you places.

What was one of the biggest things you learned during the production of WALK Fashion Show Detroit Edition?

Detroit means business. A lot of people don't give Detroit the credit that they deserve, but each time we're back in Detroit I'm surrounded by a group of creative's who are serious about what they do. This makes production so much better, to know they have a love for their craft and what to help put together an awesome show.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

3 reasons. 1.) The level of creativity it allows me. I've worked on so many amazing projects where I'm literally told see what you can come up with. Being able to work with a blank canvas is hard, but always so rewarding. 2.) The people I meet. I'm still starting out (I'm 24), so I know there's more to come but so far I've met some of the most amazing people. It's always in the most random ways too, I never expect it. But I'm grateful for the relationships I've built and even some lasting friendships. 3.) My freedom. Each team work with typically allows me to work remote and create my own schedule. That's such a highlight that keeps me going. Rarely do I feel pressured about work, I know that if I need time to take of life I can and work can go anywhere I'm at. I have the freedom to enjoy my family, travel and still create any opportunity I want.

What are three attributes you feel a person Head of Media should have?

1.) Flexibility - You meet so many people and working with a company as big as Walk things dont always go as planned. Having flexibility in your mindset, attitude and opening up to others ideas really helps with the job.

2.)Organization - If you can't get organized, it's going to be hard to succeed. Tours are planned with overlapping dates, so multiple projects and cities need attention at once. Create a solid system and stick with it.

3.) Eye for Detail - Social Media is one biggest marketing tools. The better things look on social media, the bigger.our audience grows. Because of this I'm a stickler for content put out regarding the show. We have a flood of photographers sending in photos from shows and the magazine, but because all of that content is a representation of Walk it's important to be careful about what you choose to endorse to our official social media channels and audience.

Website: accessbynkc.com / WalkFashionShow.com


Instagram: @iamnkc @walkfashionshow



Email: nkc@accessbynkc.com / media@walkfashionshow.com

Hashtags: #accessbynkc #walkfashionshow

For more information about WALK Fashion Show and their events check out http://www.walkfashionshow.com/new-events/

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