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Becoming a mom changed my life, but not how society said it would. Being a young single mother, I heard “Say goodbye to your life”.

I had my first daughter when I was only 20. She was born in January just before I was supposed to start my 2nd year of college. I had taken classes years prior but I wasn’t focused enough to complete them. It wasn’t until I got pregnant that I realized the importance of completing my degree. So there I was, a single mom and college student. If you think navigating college as a young adult is a challenge, try adding a baby into the mix.

Throwback of Peyton <3

Being overwhelmed and might I admit unfocused, I took another break from school. Believing just what I was as told, my life was over and it was all about my daughter now. I slowly began to let my dreams fade, focusing more on griping the handles of motherhood.

Although, I loved being all about Peyton, I felt unsatisfied. I'd let go of my dreams of entrepreneurship and fashion. It wasn't until my daughter was two, when I realized I had to pursue my goals, not only for myself but for her as well. How could I tell her to never give up on her dreams if I'd did exactly that. I turned my determination gear to extreme mode. I was years behind and it was time to go full force.

I created a goals list and vowed myself to complete every task. Within a year, I completed all of my goals. I launched my businesses, continued school, traveled, changed my diet, and grounded myself financially. I was all about BETTERING ME FOR ME AND MY DAUGHTER

I promised to never lower my standards or level down for anyone. Growth to me is progressing, mentally, spiritually, physically, & financially! I don’t even look at situations as setbacks anymore, because I no longer get off track of what I’m trying to accomplish. My mindset is so locked in for this journey of self confidence, success & financial stability! I can’t stop, I won’t stop, I can do it all!!

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