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With 2018 well under way, many people tend to adapt a “screw it, it’s too late now, i'll start next year” attitude. But New Year’s Resolutions are not the only way to set and follow goals, and not reaching them right away doesn't mean you’re a failure. Sometimes our goals are too lofty, or we were never going to reach them because we weren’t motivated by the right thing(s). Sometimes we have to be honest with ourselves and our situation to effectively set goals.

Just like you, I entered into this year with a lot of goals in mind. Some of which I did tackle; but, despite making some of these new year new me changes, my life isn’t exactly how I planned at the beginning. I was going to increase my income, save more money, change my eating habits, actually exercise and focus more on self happiness. For the most part, I made some changes. I found ways to make profit from my talents, but I didn't realize how time consuming it would be to take on new projects. I started saving money twice a month to go towards a rainy day fund, I didn't realize with life there's always a rainy day expense. Especially when you live in Michigan, where the potholes run deeper than the Canyon. I've successfully stopped eating beef and pork (8 months strong), but fast food charges run my bank statements. Oh, and let's not even talk about exercise, that's still a goal I have yet to start. The biggy was investing into myself happiness. This year I told myself I would invest time and money into the things that I've always wanted to do or I enjoy. So far I've invested on the remodel of a new office space, a space that I can work and feel accomplished at the end of every work day. I've also adopted a new beauty routine, that's convenient and not super expensive. Lastly, because I love to travel, I started a travel board, which I've found to be an easy way to save up for trips. I can honestly say I am successfully accomplishing this goal but, it's very challenging making myself a priority when you have certain responsibilities?

So, why is that? Have I unrealistically set goals for myself? I am I too distracted to stay motivated? Is it too late for me to accomplish all my goals? Should I just start over next year?

The answer is no. It's ok to feel unaccomplished 3 months into the year. There is still time to GET MY LIFE! With life constantly changing by new struggles and challenges it's normal to have to adjust your goals and plans. Actually, I recommend adjusting your goals list at least 4 times this year. Doing this will give you a visual of what you've completed so far and an opportunity to add any new goals you may have. Here are 5 ways to GET YOUR LIFE throughout the year:


Very often we tend to set goals we aren't yet ready to accomplish. Maybe, we lack the motivation, maybe we aren't financially ready or maybe we just don't have the time, and that's ok. Many people think if you can't consistently stay on track with your New Resolution, your entire year is shot, well that isn't true. Things are constantly changing, so it's absolutely normal for your goals list to. Whether your adding to it or adjusting it, you have to be honest with yourself to fully accomplish your goals.


If you live with a lot of physical clutter, it can be a bigger source of anxiety than it deserves to be. Clutter can weigh down on you and also become an endless source of distraction. I highly recommend getting rid of everything in your home you don’t need. Throwing away unimportant papers, old foods, old clothes, deleting old emails, deleting old texts, unfollowing pages on social media that you don’t care about seeing and if your schedule is as consumed as mine, doing a weekly declutter routine can simply make more room in your life. Let's be real, the fewer distractions you have in your life, the more space you have— physically and mentally — to focus on your goals. Start decluttering now so you can approach or re-approach your goals with a clear head.


It took me a while to realize what was keeping me from staying on track. It wasn't until the end of last year that I realized I had too many outside distractions causing me to miss my target goals. I'd say "Today I am doing this and that", then my friend would ask me to go out and I'd start to think, hey I can still finish later. Later would then come and I would have nothing accomplished. Does this happen to you? What about your phone, constantly ringing, beeping chiming with notifications, text and phone calls, is that a distraction for you? Let's be real, how often do you find yourself focused in the zone and your phone quickly takes you out? If you're a phone addict like me, take drastic steps if you have to. If you’re addicted to a certain social media site, and can’t stop refreshing it to check for new posts every few minutes, consider doing something wild and crazy like turning off your wifi. Tell your friend you’re heading into a long meeting and put your phone in airplane mode. Whatever distracting loop you’re stuck in, find a way to break it, even just for a while.


That thing on your list that you’re dreading? Stop making excuses. Fight through your resistance and get it over with. Let's be real, if it’s overwhelming because it’s hard to do, hard to change, or too big, break it down, and start on one aspect of it. If you catch yourself thinking, “Maybe I’ll start on that after this movie or when I get back,” call yourself out on it and get focused. No procrastination allowed. Procrastination is all in our mind, stopping us from achieving our desired goal. Once your done, you'll feel so accomplished and eager to knock out the next goal.


Accomplishing goals can get hard, it's very easy to lose your way during the process. But, if you keep stopping when will you ever finish? Let's be real, when I first decided to stop eating beef and pork, I had many slip ups. It took me months before I had consistently changed my diet. But if I would have stopped I wouldn't have accomplished my goal. It's ok to mess up, we all do here and there, but the challenge is to keep going. No matter how hard it may be to stop eating your favorite dish, turn down that raging party or concert, kick a bad habit or finish a task, you have to stay focused on your goals. When you feel the pull of distractions, fight them with every ounce of your being. When you slip up, keep going. If you want to accomplish anything, you can't give up, that's key!

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