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Trend Report: Spring 2k18


Gigantic cuts, daring prints and oversize garments have been worn by the bravest this season. It's safe to say spring is all about statements. Whether they're on the way to the office or stepping out for a night on the town, check out how fashion goers are showcasing these hot trends on the streets.

The Bigger the Better

Sometimes all you need is a huge pair of trousers to get in on the look.

Wide-leg trousers are the classic partner to a white shirt.

If your trousers are fuller, a slim-fitting jacket and a crop top can make a huge impact.

Baggy pants don't have to be all-consuming.

A cropped trouser with a relaxed fit help make a dressy outfit more day-appropriate.

Be Free Be Bold

This season is overloaded with daring abstract patterns, bold prints and bright colors.

Trending Color Alert: Yellow

Up things up a notch with a bright colored tent-like dress or jumpsuit.

Have fun pairing together bold colors and prints for a daring look.

The Baggy Is Back

Fashion trends have a way of recycling throughout time. This season your sure to see that '03 baggy look with a modern layered twist.

In a bright color like tangerine, a baggy pants or jumpsuit takes on the characteristics of a maxi-skirt.

For an extremely relaxed but bold look, try layering your over-sized and baggy clothing together.

You will never go wrong this season in an over-sized sweater or dress.

Double the impact with a sweater dress.

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These days, the best garments are ones that hang off the body. That perfectly over-sized top, sweater, or trousers will leave you looking effortless bold.

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