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My Nordstrom Rack finds under $100

So I've started my Under $100 journey to finding the hottest trending looks at affordable prices.

2 weeks ago started my journey at Nordstrom Rack, one of my favorite places to shop btw.

I was looking for shoes to go with multiple outfits. I figured one pair of heels that could be multi purpose and a pair of cute slide sandals for a cute but causal look. Luckily, I hit the savings jack pot! I found a super cute Breckelle's brand heel.

Devie Velvet Sandal

This cute open toe heel can be paired with your favorite pair of skinny jeans, those super comfortable track pants or that simple little black dress, the options are endless for this find.

PRICE: $16.97

After finding my desired pair of heels, I searched for a cute slide sandal, which is a trending style btw! The fashion gods had to be on my side or the just knew I was on a budget lol, I found a cute pair of sandals by LILIANA.

Nomi Bow Slide Sandal

This cute open toe, satin construction sandal can be paired with those classic ripped jeans, trendy high waist shorts or dressed up with that short free flowing dress or skirt. Again with this shoe the possibilities are endless.

PRICE: $16.97

2 For 1!! A boat ride along the Detroit River, rocking a cute little dress from She Inspired Clothing and both of my new shoes!! These fashion finds definitely went perfect with my on the sea vibes!

Surprised by my finds, I had to search for some cute shoes for my baby Peyton. I found a cute pair of Sperry's the same price $16.97.

Its safe to say my first Under $100 journey at Nordstrom Rack was a success! Subscribe for more Under $100 finds!

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