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With fashion on the rise in Detroit, masterminds Crystal Bailey and Daishawn Franklin hosted the 18th edition of WALK FASHION SHOW, showcasing how Detroiters are defining art and style! Fashion enthusiast, influencers, designers, models and photographers gathered for a night of fashion and flare. The Elaborate event housed emerging and independent designers like Young Socialites Kid Apparel, Cocash Kids, Sporty Rebel, Soreem Clothing, Raine Gear Clothing, Juanita White Couture, Urban Furs, Pure Essence Resale, 23 Kissez, Kalm Clothing, Ripz and Tearz Clothing, It's All Raw, featured Designer Stevie Boi and many more.

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WALK is known for hosting extravagant events bringing together emerging fashion enthusiast with known fashion leaders. I was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with the dynamic duo, Crystal Bailey and Daishawn Franklin who produces this elaborate show.

How does where you come from influence your motivation for WALK?

"Being from the Motor City, I see the need. We have large pockets of unique fashion here in Detroit that people don't even know about. So, it drives me to make people aware of Detroit for not just the automotive industry but for fashion." -Crystal Bailey

Where do you gather your inspiration for your shows?

"Being able to help people build their brand within our brand and showing people they can monetize their dreams is where I gather my inspiration. The reality of this whole thing is we're independent like everyone included, the models, the designers, the artist, photographers, bloggers, we're all trying to figure it out. I want to be the glue that brings these creative thinkers together and show them how they can make their dreams come true. Many people get frustrated in their dreams and tend to give up, I'm talking real talented people that own their craft often give up. So my inspiration comes from them, seeing people use my platform to make it in something they truly believe in." -Daishawn Franklin

What is your favorite part about putting together a show?

"Once the show is underway and I can finally get a chance to slow my mind and breath, my favorite part would have to be watching the show. After all the hard work is complete watching what has come into for wishing, that is the best and most rewarding part." -Crystal Bailey

Can you tell us what your guests can look forward to this year?

"October 1st of 2017, we'll be in Paris for Paris Fashion Week. To be in Paris producing our own show during fashion week is amazing and a big accomplishment as well." -Crystal Bailey

Inspired by their city, brand and movement, Crystal and Daishawn have proven to the world the excellence that comes out of the city of Detroit. To learn more about these brilliant masterminds and WALK FASHION SHOW, check out their website www.walkfashionshow.com

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