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LET'S BE REAL: Raising A Baby & A Business


Let's Be Real: 5 Tips On Balancing Family & Work

Let's Be Real:

As if being a mom wasn't as hard enough, deciding to accomplish my goal and start a business, could have just been one of the most exciting yet overwhelming decisions I could have ever made. Much like being a mom! With two task at hand I’ve learned being a stay-at-home working mom, doesn't fit the ideal perspective. I discovered nobody can do it all and there’s no such thing as the perfect mom or perfect family.

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Outfit: Top & Bottoms by Children's Place, Shoes by Michael Kors, Jewelry by She Inspired Clothing.

Changing The Perspective:

Many times I hear "You have it so easy, you can chill all day," which is far from the actual truth. I love being able to spend day in and out with my daughter but "chilling" is the furthest from what my day consist of. Being a mom isn't easy and starting and running a business isn't easy, doing them both just may be the hardest task to juggle. But it is possible, here are 5 tips on balancing family and work:

1) No Time To Get Ready Everyday? Make Time!

This tip may sound so simple, but in reality taking 15 uninterrupted minutes can be a tough task. Between getting the kids dressed and fed, how much time is left for mom to give herself a facial cleanse, put on make up and curl her hair.

Let's be real, It might be a few days before I get the chance to wash my hair or put on makeup, so I try to focus on the bigger picture and spending my time wisely.

At night prepare for the morning. Prepping your kitchen for breakfast will help you save time and chaos, when your children awake. Laying out your outfits will save you time that can be spent on a good face cleanse or mask in the morning. Putting flexi rods in your hair the night before will keep you from spending 20 to 45 minutes on curling your hair and not using heat daily actually prevents heat damage to your hair. Prepping will allow you to effectively manage your day.

2) Zombies Who Beat The Clock

It's no surprise that once you have kids, an alarm clock is no longer necessary. At the crack of day light your baby becomes your clock.

Let's be real, If your like me your nights run late and by the time sunlight hits your eyes your considered a zombie.

So to overcome those zombie mornings, try ending your nights around 11pm or 12am. Putting yourself on a balanced sleep schedule will allow you to start your morning early without feeling exhausted, which is beneficial for you to manage both work and home.

3) When To Sacrifice

Starting a business can take much of your time. Some people feel they sacrificed their family because they devoted so much of their time to their business.

Let's Be Real, your only one person and devoting yourself to so many things can become overwhelming. We all make certain sacrifices and working from home means, by default, you take your work home with you.

It takes a lot of practice to be able to turn it off sometimes. You have to set aside specific times when you can turn it off so you can still spend time with the your family and still have a life too!

4) Don't Guilt Trip

I go back and forth between feeling like I’m working too much or not working enough. I realized… there's no right answer!

Let's be real, I catch myself multitasking, trying to do both at once, and find myself getting annoyed because then nothing gets done and nobody wins.

The most important thing you can do is make the most of the time you spend either way. I set time during the day to spend with my daughter, giving her all my attention. Don't feel guilty for working just manage your time throughout the day so there's no competition.

5) These Are The Times We Live For

The best days are the best and the worst days are the worst.

Let's be real, There are always hard days in mom-land but one of the things I love most about working from home is I catch some of the best little milestones and moments with my daughter. Through the chaos it makes it all worth it!

Enjoy those moments, once there gone you cant get them back. Be grateful for the opportunity to be able to mix work and family together. Staying positive like this will make any worries or hardships meaningless.

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