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TREND REPORT: 5 Ways To Wear Pink This Season


5 Ways To Wear Pink This Season

Pink has been a color of choice for many trends this season. Being paired with bold prints & accents, the streets of Fashion Weeks definitely showed how creative fashion influences can get rocking the trending color.

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Rock Pink This Season!

1) Pink For Denim

A popular look that has been seen on the streets of Fashion Week.

Try pairing a pink ruffled top, robe, coat, or blazer with your favorite pair of denims.

2) Color Block Why Not?

Rocking your favorite shades of pink with your blacks, reds, oranges and neutral colors like olive & nudes will definitely give your look a bolder statement!

3) Everything Must Be Pink

This season be sure to see pink worn solely by itself. This dynamic look can be seen in suite sets, shade combos, and overly large coats!

4) Add A Pink Accessory

A pop of pink will always be welcome this season.

Try adding a pink clutch or heels to your outfit.

5) Plaid ... No Pink .... Yes Both!

Pink is a color that can be paired with many other colors and prints. One that was seen paired with the dynamic color this season was plaid.

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