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TREND REPORT: Street Style


Taking Over The Streets Of Fashion Week

Spring/Summer Fashion week gave us a taste of fun new & bold ways to rock our favorite trends. Here are some of the trends that we can't get enough of.

1 Let Those Ankles Show

Ankle-length jeans are the norm this spring. Cropped pants have made their return with a fun twist allowing us to play around with the endless possibilities of our style.

How To Wear It:

Accessorizing with fishnets, decorative ankle socks, ankle strap heels or ankle high booties.

2 Fun With Denim

Denims are taking a unique turn for a DIY-Inspired statement.

How To Wear It:

With collectable patches, distressed rips and embellishments, lending a youthful feel to jackets, pants and even shoes.

With these customized looks, fashion is making a bolder and more fun statement. Assorted patches range from cartoons and lightning bolts to letters and city outlined graphics, perfect for laid back day in the city look.

3 Rock Out or Cut Out Tee's

Graphic T-Shirts are a thing of the present, taking over the shirts of Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2017.