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For so long I dreamed of running my own business. Having an interest in fashion and noticing how similar all clothing brands seemed, I realized that every woman had a different style and needed more options to creatively mix and match.​ "It could be the same outfit worn differently by 5 different women." ​That discovery resulted in the idea of creating an online fashion destination for women to create their style online. In 2017 I launched my first online retail store. 

Motivated by my company's values, many women began to reach out to me to collaborate and promote my brand. This attraction birthed the creation of my first Brand Ambassador Program, which has been featured in @ladybossblogger's Top 50 list of Brands Looking for Brand Ambassadors.

Launching a successful online store motivated me to re-build my brand and re-purpose my blog. Doing this opened more doors to fashion but also journalism. I was soon invited to cover exclusive fashion events, write articles for magazine publications, conduct exclusive interviews with celebrities and production company's like VH1 and more.


But, I didn't stop there. After two years, I successfully launched an online clothing store, brand ambassador program, and Blog. Sitting on another hidden gem, I figured why stop here? With 10 plus years of graphic design experience, I launched Inspired Media, a Graphic Design and social media management company.

Many will call me a serial entrepreneur, but I'm just Tianna Michelle, the #RealTalk #Boss.


Welcome to the home of the Boss Talk Academy, #RealTalk Podcast & Shop My Look with Tianna Michelle! The Tianna Michelle Blog is a lifestyle blog sharing insight on entrepreneurship, beauty, fashion, travel, relationships and more. Founded by Tianna Michelle, CEO of Inspired Media LLC, the covers everything from fashion posts, lifestyle posts, relationship advice, parenting advice, e-commerce coaching, entrepreneurship training and more!  


Tianna’s goal has always been to use what she knows to empower other women. This blog is a fusion of all the things Tianna is passionate about — navigating life through entrepreneurship, relationships, and motherhood, sharing brands and products I use and love, and connecting with women while providing them with tools to be a boss!

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She Inspired Clothing has turned into a whole NEW experience!

The beloved brand She Inspired Clothing is now SHOP MY LOOK by Tianna Michelle! Established in 2022, not only as a fashion brand but also a movement, Shop My Look by Tianna Michelle allows every woman to create her own unique style; with the purpose to inspire women to find empowerment through fashion. With exclusive trending looks and great discounts, Shop My Look aims to make a lasting impression on the fashion industry by challenging the conventional perceptions and Inspiring new unique trends. We strive to provide awesome service, unbeatable prices and unique pieces to inspire your look. Need help putting together a look? Book a Style Session with Tianna Michelle!

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